Monarchy  are Andrew Armstrong and Ra Black. They formed Monarchy in September 2009. Their debut performance was recorded at Cape Canaveral in Florida and transmitted into space, making them the first band that has probably been listened to by aliens in far reaching galaxies. Since then they have gone on to perform at Coachella, Lovebox, The Big Chill, Melt Festival, Folsom St Fair and they have played their own headline gigs in cities all over the world: San Fran, LA, NYC, London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Moscow, the list goes on. The duo like to keep themselves busy in the studio and have remixed the likes of Kylie, Jamiroquai, Kelis, Lady Gaga, Fyfe, OMD, Ellie Goulding and many more.

In February, 2013, they released their new single featuring burlesque star Dita Von Teese, who tracked them down via twitter, and invited them to spend Christmas in Paris with her. The video is shot by Roy Raz. Album number two is close behind.